Relationship: The Pros and Cons of A Living Relationship

With more and more people across the world choosing to live in with their partners, it is natural to ask the question: is this a good trend? Also, what should you do – live in or stay in different homes till you marry? The final decision is definitely yours, but I will try to talk about the benefits and pitfalls related to living in with your partner here. The pros of a living relationship

Getting to Know the Other Person Better

A wonderful advantage of living in with someone is that you naturally get to know the other person better. And that, is crucial if you are thinking of spending your life with this person one day.

For instance, maybe, being organized is very important to you, but while living with your partner, you may learn that he or she is absolutely disorganized. You would never have learnt this had you not lived with him or her. Similarly, being around someone during almost all the time they’re at home helps you know that person at a far deeper level compared to just meeting him or her for dates.

For example, you may find out that your partner has a good temper or that he or she does not handle stress situations well. You may also find out that he or she has a unique affection for plants that he or she never talked much about.

Knowing someone well enough can help you decide whether you actually want to marry this person or not. There will definitely not be any unpleasant surprises after marriage because you have already lived with this person!

Spending Lots of Quality Time

In today’s world of busy schedules, couples hardly get any quality time to spend. Also, when you both do meet, you may not get enough time to share your deepest thoughts with each other.

On the other hand, if you live together with your partner, you can always share what is in your heart with him or her without time constraints. You can ‘catch the vibe’ of the other person and understand exactly what is going on in his or her life. To top that, you can expect your partner to be there for you when you go through any sort of crisis because you live under the same roof.

Developing A More Intimate Connection

Physical intimacy has a special way of helping people bond. When you are near your partner for a large amount of time in a space where you won’t be interrupted, you can enjoy cuddling or hugging for a prolonged period of time. This sub-consciously helps you feel more connected and more intimate with your partner.

Scientists have found that touching another person automatically creates a very strong bond between people. When you have easy access to the warm and comforting touch of your partner, you start feeling more loved and appreciated.

Obviously living in with your partner has some great advantages. Then why should you not live in – or rather what should you be cautious about when being in a live-in relationship?

The Cons Of A Living Relationship

Becoming Too Intimate to Let Go

If you eventually figure out that the partner you are living in with is not the one for you, then letting go of him or her can be very tough. As I just mentioned, living together creates a very delicate and intimate connection that can be much harder to let go of than connecting over dates.

Even after breaking up, you may miss your partner way too much – not just because of the intimacy but also because of the habit of seeing him or her around you so often. My advice would be: Go for a live in relationship, but make sure that you know the person you want to live with well enough, before you take the plunge.

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